and i am saying it

People sometimes imagine life is a dream. But I am real – aren’t I? Sort of like discussions of God. I used to balk. How could one doubt something invented all of this? My premise was everything makes sense therefore something invented everything. I can still see how everything is alive and giving birth to more manifestations of life, but one day I considered a different view, perhaps wider where everything is, not necessarily originating from anything like Charlton Heston. It might just be the Earth is alive and no reason for it. It might just be there is no start to time and since we are creatures tied to time, not very easy to imagine worlds of no beginning and end. It made more sense out of things, at least for me. Music is a process, it does not exist. Listening to sounds being sequenced is both real yet not real. Good improvisers inhabit a similar listening/ reacting space. How convincing they are at making us listen and forget it was never actual is what makes me find some more exciting than others. The pleasure finding the shadow believable. Dogs, cats, squirrels reacting to every sound, every second, like the title of John Cage’s piece, “I have nothing to say and I am saying it”.


  1. “Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)” – Rene Descartes


  2. aka:

    In suspensus animationem, therefore I am some where else.


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