john simon

Blows my mind everytime Biden speaks, so lame and meaningless. But some say this is how it works. The great machine wants lame and meaningless, keeping tension in place. The forever believers in change, never noticing the only thing constant is the forever believing part and the machine safely stays away from anything too much like change. Is the new music, new movies or new art radical much? Still enjoying the Levon Helm book. Too many best images to select just one. Driving to Kentucky on wild turkey while Tommy Lee Jones tries to teach him how to act or shooting himself by accident while practising for another film. His first thought is “that’s the leg you hit the bass drum with!” Spending a lot of time viewing old footage of Ronnie Hawkins, Richard Manuel and the Cate Brothers. Even the schtick of Ronnie Hawkins seems more sincere than viewing the misreading of the presidential teleprompter.

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