pee trap

Water leaking under the sink. Not noticed until everything gross and wet and the le stink. I am no plumber but I know this and that. I was a caretaker once upon a time at Hugo and Wellington Cresc., I do not know the technical names but it always struck me as leggo right? I unscrewed the parts that can twist, found one thing that looked expired. Took it all to the hardware store which turned into three more back and forth visits and later one specific plumbing parts journey. Eventually I had everything. Then I had a new problem, couldn’t unscrew one last part. This was derailing and I had no choice left but call the plumber. Arranged for him to arrive tomorrow morning. But the thing that would not screw off, which defied logic I tried once more. Slowly and downward pressure. Bingo. It came free and I assembled everything and it worked without leaking. Where is the news team and their cameras when you need them? Called the plumber to cancel and offer my services. He didn’t find me funny, I’ll save it for the stage. There was a funny guy at the open stage last night. Funny is good but only matters if the songs that follow are even better.

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  1. Congrats on the successful plumbing repair, Bob! That’s no small feat.


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