mister magic

My dad had a business trip in the mid 70s. It was in Los Angeles and he took me with him. My oldest brother was studying at USC and we went to a Grover Washington Jr. concert in Santa Monica. I owned Mister Magic and the idea of Grover Washington Jr. ever coming to Winnipeg, in the mid 70s, was totally impossible. This was so amazing. I only realized tonight, reading the interwebs that Steve Gadd was also the drumming that night and Richard Tee on electric piano. Funny to know I saw someone I admire in concert and never knew it. I attended most of Village of The Small Huts plays. One time, when briefly they were located at Queen and Ossington (or Dovercourt), David Bowie was in the audience. I didn’t notice but read about it the next day. But all just like the Cockroach song by Mendelson Joe, “I am a cockroach, you are a cockroach too, we breath the same air as the queen.”

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