to let them stay wild

I made a dahl last night but it wasn’t so hot. It was made in a rush and I also used some sea vegetables, not very dahl of me. Maybe that was why it was not too amazing. I made rice tonight to go with it and I added turmeric, clove and cardamon and it came out fluffy and yellow and I’m ready if my neighbours try to do dahl battle. A professor at Western who has read my blogging offered to give me a ride this morning. A nice break in the routine but these super early mornings twice a week are breaking me. The only thing interesting about starting at 5am is catching the sun rise and wondering why all the construction workers seem proud of cheating the UP train and never pay like the rest of us. More and more I find myself considering that the body actually is in charge of everything and the problem is the mind is wired up to believe it is instructing the body but the more you watch back the instant replay, it is the body calling the shots and the mind adheres while complaining and scolding. I asked Julie Bindel if she would like a theme song for her podcast and she said yes. The I asked her how long, what type of music and she gave me the best answer which was she didn’t have any caveats. That does not necessarily mean she will like what I do but it is a great way to work with someone, at least at the start, to let them stay wild.

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