In my dream last night my friend Matt and his wife and his nephew were visiting Toronto from Chicago. It was awesome and lovely to have a surprise visit with […]

I checked out David Crosby’s last release, it was from 2021 and called For Free. I wondered if it was a reference to Joni Mitchell’s song fifty years earlier. I […]

There are many excuses when there isn’t a crowd. They say it’s summer people are away, it looked like rain, it’s the wrong day of the week, it’s too late […]

Until reading the obits about David Crosby I never knew he and Graham Nash were the background vocals on Mexico by James Taylor. It explains a lot about that song […]

Planning to visit my mother in Feb and pop into Winnipeg. This time joining a car sharing service instead of renting a car. More choices upcoming that are either or. […]

I loved teaching the 2cnd week in my course because it’s the class where we look at songs that resulted in the songwriter being jailed or the release of prisoners […]

A colleague of mine is angry with another colleague. Their dislike is mutual and I understand both sides. One of them complained to me and then praised my behavior, saying […]

Noticed one of those things on Facebook a few weeks ago, where people record the best line ever in a song. It gave me pause and I wondered if I […]

I didn’t know the version by The Isley Bros., but it came over the waves and was funkier than the original but just as odd mulling over. I think Stephen […]

I watched the rest of Get Back. I love those guys. John Lennon particularly amazes me. I never realized he is playing the solo in Get Back it always sounded […]