She wrote something stream of consciousness and a few people reacted with hostility to her views which surprised her. They were triggered and wanted to teach her a lesson. Wanted […]

One day a man who previously wrote many songs that never went anywhere, wrote one called “this stinks more than the other thing that also stinks”, and instantly had a […]

I tried to show my daughter The Big Snit but when the female character started to shake her eyes, my girl didn’t find it funny. She insisted I turn it […]

A songwriter who wrote many songs, felt like she repeated herself. Like it was the same song over and over, similar tempo, melodies, arrangements. she hated this and swore she […]

Reworking/ finishing a record started thirty years ago for Eugene Chadbourne. Some of the tracks are not too intelligent, why did we not record the hi hat more clearly? Too […]

The lawyer for the two accused Hamilton men argued they were innocent of the wounded man’s death because they were following unconscious bias. Upon hearing this argument a songwriter in […]

I’m sure others do too but I never catch them, except sometimes kids, but even then it’s usually because they saw me first showing off my low level daredevil status. […]

On his deathbed the old violinist beckoned his granddaughter to come closer, then whispered: i) never solo over the singer, ii) always ask for part of the publishing, iii) be […]

The musician I hired to do background vocals told me she sung many takes on her old band’s first album and they had many differing opinions about her best performance. […]

In England many years ago I sat in on accordion with a ska band and hit it off immediately. They invited me to play with them later the same night […]