I found an unexpected monster on Youtube, an old woman named Dorothy Donegan playing Misty with the same ownership and virtuosity as Erroll Garner. One can’t watch and not think […]

I’m ill in recent days, probably food poisoning, it is interesting how trying to get better works. For instance, I’m trying to control parts of my body but it is […]

another day another rejection letter. wish they gave awards for this. i won’t be the digital music teacher at ryerson, oh well. all that practice of older brothers breaking arms […]

All the meditation practices on looking at a candle or noticing your breath or chanting the name of Val Kilmer, have the same goal, trying to get mind to stop […]

I don’t have Covid but went for the test yesterday because I had a fever, cramps and fatigue. Stomach flu or maybe that old hot sauce I smeared on leftovers…don’t […]

I’m reading Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment. It has horrible imagery off the top, details of 250 year old public executions, had to skip. Too graphic to handle, for me […]

Kid asks about division and multiplication. They are hard ideas to understand and at the same time easy if you already understand them. Like being asked a question about a […]

If you could enlarge the insides of a body so large you could see individual cells doing their jobs and maybe same cells have patterns in common like the lung […]

An unpopular music teacher had a business card which read there are two states of mind, being disappointed with what you know and practising.