teacher 1: did you quote me? teacher 2: I paraphrased. teacher 1: did anyone follow it? teacher 2: yes and no. teacher 1: let me guess. they thought i was […]

In the 20s there was a lot of imaginary pressure to become something like other people did in their 20s, and a lot of  judgement if one didn’t reach the […]

I found myself bemoaning disappearing musical aesthetics only to confront in the next second, thoughts about what had superstar status ninety years ago. It’s completely disappeared, that scene, all those […]

The singer-who-bullied-to-compensate-for-lack-of-talent, said to the drummer-who-stated-the-obvious would you like to do some heroin after the show with me and Foxglove? The drummer-who-stated-the-obvious was about to state this isn’t possible, you’re […]

I have to talk to you. Sure. I have a problem, some of the students are so bad that I want to tell them how bad they are. I see. […]

There was a time I often went to Pirate Video Cabaret at Clintons and if Alan Park was on the bill it was extra special. That amazing hilarious intimidating and […]

At the beginning of the doc about Nina Simone from about four years ago, she’s playing to a room of three or four hundred people somewhere in Europe and somebody […]

crybabies in the locker room i need my towel not that bathing suit i won’t change, you have to change you forgot my goggles crybabies backstage why isn’t my guitar […]

It’s that moment in an improvisation where someone is leading and someone else tries to go in another direction and they work it out in one of two ways. Theres […]

The judges at the songwriting contest all had associations with hits but each of their hits achieved stature through capitalism and payola. So, to be rejected meant nothing about how […]