More and more, the part of us speaking and complaining, the part that demands it knows what’s going on and who is in control. More and more it proves not […]

Lot of greatness in the open stage tonight especially Sara Wong instrumentally playing Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and then Where Is My Mind by The Pixies, both on piano.

I like stretching. I am irregular but lately on a roll. It is the amazing part of our YouTube world. The visual moving image dictionary of our times. So many […]

My dad had a business trip in the mid 70s. It was in Los Angeles and he took me with him. My oldest brother was studying at USC and we […]

Trying to fix up the empty apartment. Tiles, carpets, floors, fixtures, adhesives, switches, bathtub, shower, sink, mosaic, fans, fire proof this and that and so much garbage. As usual, it […]

I never found McCartney’s And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make, to be too deep or inspiring. Recently, read another ending using […]

Touring a building owned by a woman who was nonchalant about the million little fierce gycos. I took a photo, then noticed pools of shit. The woman treaded water in […]

The Herbie Hancock Masterclass videos are awesome. I was only a fan of his record Headhunters but watching the 80 yr. old version of HH explain music and jazz and […]

Miles simply said he was studying Stockhausen, “I got further and further into the idea of music as a process. I had always written in a circular way and through […]

Reading Tommy James autobiography. His label Roulette basically paralleled a lot of New York mob activity and employed many members of the underworld. He didn’t write the book until the […]