ran into an old neighbour who lived across the street from me when first moved Toronto. she’s probably 15 years older than me. spoke a bit about how life goes […]

when the wise old guru said awakening is a separation from illusion and then posed an alternate question, “maybe it is a separation from reality”, i lost the thread. and […]

There is a harp in Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It came on the radio while I was driving. Probably heard it a few million times yet only last 2 […]

I met a librarian from California, she told me she was from San Jose and added they celebrate Dionne Warwick day. I said she isn’t the one who wrote it, […]

george lucas loved kurosawa’s the hidden fortress, about a family dynasty in medieval japan almost wiped out, who need to move the remaining princess through enemy territory and a trusted […]

realized always first about maybe rearranging thinking thoughts wondered the deal later making read a by band to over over outside box like away habits narrative repetitive same over over […]

last year i watched a doc about 90s guru rajneesh, a couple things stood out. one, the fact that the movie never talked about whatever his teachings were. just the […]

Flams are so powerful because the musician is simultaneously demonstrating an understanding of how to play the beat in time and the capacity to intentionally alter it.

I’m teaching a senior. Sometimes his fingering is awkward because his ring finger depresses keys at the same time as his pinky even though only the pinky is required, even […]

There are 8 reflection papers in the course, 400 words but students can also submit songs about the assignment instead of written papers if they choose. #1 is reading the […]