Julia was punctual and dependable to comp vocals, curl cables or change coffee filters in the lounge where the Klimt and Klee posters hung impressing her more than the platinum […]

I went for a walk after 1am a couple nights ago and before I went one block there by Glenlake and Indian Rd. was a coyote. It looked like a […]

There was a band years ago, in the scene I also played in, that many other people played in, a band as far as I remember that wasn’t positioned with […]

at first when the new song started he felt a little regret the opening lyric wouldn’t make enough sense to people unless he added more information and then considered why […]

Long ago, she wrote a review about an improv group for a music magazine. She had previously seen them play several times, it was also a novelty that a famous […]

one guy in the band, mckinnon, took care of the money. collected from gigs, from ascap, from merchandise and also took care of spending the money on gas, on manufacturing, […]

They are supposed to each bring a song to class that demonstrates something that blew them away, whatever that means to each student. One day when it was Dave’s turn […]

Her name was difficult for the class to pronounce, just call me Jeanie and her lyrics were tricky. The last song – No Afterlife Blues – about how parts of […]

i asked a pro for advice, she said write a script and so i did but it sounds like someone reading a script. i start again. the sound of acting […]

One time in a health food store by queen street mental health, the owner told me his sweetheart plays the flight attendant in that scene where they are on their […]