little girl crying

Walking in the Park this morning, passed linebacker looking father with two little kids. One year old boy in stroller, three year old blonde girl ahead on scooter. She was crying, looked very frightened, sounded inconsolable. Didn’t catch the backstory but with kids this little it can be because a leaf landed on her toe, it can be because a tractor turned on and the volume shocked her. Big daddy called out to address her panic, “are you going to ruin the whole weekend again?” So many layers of stupid in his response, so many layers of damage gifting the little innocent. And if I say something does he punch me? Does he feel embarrassed? Does he take out more aggression on her later because of a stranger’s criticism? In life everything is moving at different speeds or covering different distances. Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Nina Hagen, Meredith Monk, Mr. Stockhausen and Yoko Ono no doubt had experiences prior to successes where friends or family expressed polite confusion or embarrassment or angry opposition. Nothing you can do about it when someone doesn’t understand. They are located elsewhere, moving at their own speed. You can try explaining how to move differently but words are just a map. Someone has to travel the route and arrive at the destination, most of all be interested in trying, otherwise it’s no common language and time to turn up the Cee Lo in my headphones.

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