no changing through talk

On a tour one time two musicians dispute the big cheese. One said God made them musical, the other said there is no God and they are musical because there was a lot of music in their childhood home. The first replies that the reason their home was musical was because God wanted them there to experience it. The non believer says that’s magical thinking. The believer says it’s God thinking. They agree to disagree and for even better mental health, stop sharing a room for the remainder of the tour. These positions spilled into other conversations between the rest of the band, soon everyone was using film references to make sense out of things. One said when talking to believers that God cares about their specific itsy bitsy life and has a piece of real estate waiting for them (for eternity), is like watching Blood Simple for the first time. The audience knows what’s going on but the characters never do. Another said it’s like Aguirre In Wrath of God, when the Spaniards are almost dead from dehydration and natives approach who could save them but first the Spaniards shove bibles into their hands and tell them it is the word of God. It confuses the natives who then put the bibles to their ears in order to hear the word of God. Then they are accused of blasphemy and the Spaniards shoot them, assuring their reward in the next life and death by starvation. The quiet bass player chimed in, he didn’t agree with equating either side as right or wrong. From his view this was all The Return of Martin Guerre because Depardieu’s character understood people want to hear what they want to hear.

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