3 parts

While putting my daughter to sleep she told me she fears strange sounds when she is alone in the house. I reassured her about the origins of some pipe sounds or others walking next door but added the mind likes to worry just like that. Over thousands of years it had to look out for survival and now that we’re safe in house with no snakes or bears it doesn’t mean what the brain practiced for thousands of years can go away in two seconds. I don’t know if I helped but what more can you do but share your own experience. Three interesting chapters to my dream last night. In one I was scoring a film for Jaymz Bee. He wrote it and it was about him saving the city of Windsor from a giant female monster (I have no idea why), he also got Harrison Ford to act in part of it (leave it to Jaymz). I made sci fi sounds then realized the film will be stronger for making rests and I started to edit myself more. In the next part I was speaking French with a French person, which was awesome since I cannot conjugate to save my life. There we were saying real French things back and forth but the best part of the three chapters was seeing my old best friend, he had a Neve strip, it had been in storage for decades. I asked if he wanted me to get it tested or fixed. No you can have it he said. Who just gives somebody a Neve strip for free? I know a philosopher who writes about the mind as though it is an entertainment machine. I flip back and forth from being like my daughter to being like my dreamer.

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