juicy fruits

Last class is coming up. This makes it a year of non stop teaching my course about lyrics at Seneca in the English department. It is not a usual thing, that a cold call would lead to a job. Nice surprise, but then again my University of Western Ontario job the last five years, also came from a cold call. Maybe it’s just that one experiences about four hundred rejections for every person who actually calls you back. So, it gets hard to see it as a useful technique. I suspect I may get a call any day to teach someone new with little time to prepare. I wonder whether I will say yes or no considering my plate is already looking full for the fall. Somewhere someone said the fairy tale you remember most reflects your life. There is something to that because, for me it is the one about the princess and the pea. I can still remember the curious set up that she had so many mattresses and yet could not fall asleep. Just a single wee pea under it all. I just don’t fall asleep sometimes and it some little unresolved detail but it clangs in my background keeping the thought machine from down shifting to neutral. I realized while lying in bed not sleeping that One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest might be a decent film to show and discuss for the censorship course, because the metaphor is about using force when the governing body can’t control challenges to its authority. Juicy fruits.

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