Triads separated by a 9th. A and B together. When I ask if he wants me to take him to the elevator he says the stairs are better, the elevator has buttons he cannot navigate but he remembers the stairs in the places he visits. I bet it is the ordinary state for people like Mark. I find it amazing because it heightens my sense of being sighted, then I catch myself assuming it is a problem for him and in fact it is not necessarily true. In fact he tells me he takes the subway all the time. I showed him chords I like which are for the same reason. There is an expression in the improv world associated with Pauline Oliveros called Deep Listening. I do not know anyone else that is blind. As far as I can tell it is a new expression for an old practice which is listening intently, non judgmentally. It is amazing to walk with him and pepper our talk with other facts about what is before us or around us that he might wish to also know like the changing ground or the surrounding buildings or who is approaching. I watch him navigate the stairs while people walk around him except three teen girls not noticing. He bumps into them and apologizes. When he finished he played 6th chords and explained how they help him hear the final result. I meet him at the subway station and escort him to my house. Later, I return him to the station and get scared after he passes the turnstile. Mark, the tuner, is blind. Once every two years is my speed. I don’t really notice how badly it shifted and got wonky but my mother did. I thought I was impressing her playing new stuff over the telephone, but she was quite annoyed, she couldn’t bear it she said. Finally had the piano tuned.

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