the greek therapist

The latest issue of Improvnotes out of Guelph includes my interview with Coleman Hughes and a link to his startling video Blasphemy. There are a lot of provocative ideas and brilliant rhymes in his work.
Don’t tell me who to offend
Losin a few of my friends, yah i’ve been
Booted from public events
And it was all over something i said
Cuz it was
Never was lackin’ audacity
Point to a flaw in a fallacy
Bred on a different mentality
Committing that blasphemy
Bet all the bull shit is passin
Trust that you ain’t seen the last of me
Pray I don’t end up like calvary
Over some blasphemy
Make it official, charge me with thinkin and put me in prison
Serving a sentence for sentences written
Shoulda known better than to have an opinion

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