Watching lectures by David Mamet. Makes me want to return to his pieces, view them again knowing his process better. It is pleasing and inspiring that he sees continuity between […]

Jennifer Gillmor’s benefit show at Revival was advertised as starting at 7pm but there were almost 6 bands. I was not worried about arriving late because 9:30 is not so […]

People learn better from not being lectured but from a variety of experiences with the material. The eight films are Manufacturing Consent, Socrates, Ai Weiwei, The Lives of Others, One […]

I never met Danny Grossman but I recall twice seeing him riding a bike. Looking graceful as dancers do, as if everything is part of the dance including this bike […]

I fell a couple nights ago, while the cat I’m temporarily taking care of did her usual screams in the middle of the night, I went to inspect whether she […]

Last class is coming up. This makes it a year of non stop teaching my course about lyrics at Seneca in the English department. It is not a usual thing, […]

I don’t know where to take the thing in G minor but it bores me to stay where it is. Trying to break out of the circle I created for […]

Even though I had planned a section on McCarthyism for the censorship course and started rewatching films like Good Night, Good Luck and The Hollywood Ten, I found two other […]

Adding to my journal for the PhD book is like working away at a musical composition, just putting it into words. Explaining to the unseen judges, how improvising works which […]

After being interviewed for a podcast last week, two emailed me complaining about the host. That he cut me off when I was answering questions or later in their comments […]